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Email Spam Solutions

as of 6/6/2003

The email filter programs that I am using come in two flavors. There are several other programs that I haven't used yet, but these two are typical and are a good starting place.

One is called Cloudmark Spamnet and it filters spam out of your inbox based on national spam lists that it compares the email against. The email is then put in a folder for you to inspect before you delete it in case one of your actual email correspondents end up there. I have seen only a couple in about 20,000+ emails, so it is OK.

The other is called Mail Washer and it runs in the background all the time and checks your email (without actually downloading it from the email server). You then look at the list of emails in Mail Washer and decide whether you want to blacklist, delete or bounce a "non-deliverable message" back to the sender. This is supposed to help get you removed from spammer lists. Then after you click the "process" button, the email is either deleted and or bounced and then your actual email software starts up and then downloads the balance of the mail

So far, the Mail Washer program has helped me by reducing my email by about 10% (down to 110 daily) and I am going to keep using it for a month to see if it continues to benefit.

Apparently, once you are on these lists, you will never get off for free and it takes some effort to see any improvement.

Both these programs are free to begin with. You can get started using them by downloading them.

Spamnet is at, Mail Washer is at

They are both pretty simple and I will be glad to assist.