Our Philosophy on Life and doing Business

Personal Computer Support has held throughout the years we have been in business, that the customer should perceive us as honest, competent, and reasonably priced. This philosophy has served us well and most of our customers refer us to their friends and associates.

The basis for this philosophy is found in the teachings of Christ, specifically as in Matthew 7:12: "Therefore, whatever you want men to do unto you, do also unto them, for this is the Law and the Prophets".

The reason that I bring this up is simply that I want others to know that the lifestyle we lead and the way we conduct business is a result of our relationship with God.  In particular that He has had mercy on us and has caused us to change into responsible persons always keeping in mind our humanity and the need to live our lives reflecting the Spirit of God that we are accountable to.

My personal experience with God started as I was a teenager and experimented with drugs in the late 1960s.. This had the usual effect and I left home and lived as a hippie for several years until one day when my wife and I were living in Colorado in the foothills of Pikes Peak. On this day we were on the side of a mountain and we experienced a moment of self realization that resulted in deep contempt for our lifestyle.

From that day on, both my wife Jeana and I had a consciousness that we had an obligation to quit doing drugs, to improve our minds and health, and to find respectable employment. Like most resolutions to do better, this one took time to implement. We ended up moving to Pueblo, Colorado where we met a group of young people that convinced us to join them and lead a dedicated life serving God. For the next several years, we were members of this church and lived in the prairies of southern Colorado with me working as a carpenter and Jeana as a school teacher.

We eventually moved back to Conroe, Texas and continued to develop spiritually in the charismatic movement of the time. I should say that while in Colorado, we both received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Currently we attend the Church of God 7th Day in Conroe, Texas.

The point is this: Unless God had taken a personal interest in my salvation, I think that I would be either dead or in some serious distress such as prison or drug addiction. Bob Dylan wrote a song describing how he saw it and I think it is worth repeating, he wrote something like this:

By this time I'd of thought that I'd be sleepin'.... in a pine box for all eternity.

My faith is keeping me alive or I'd still be weepin'... for His Saving Grace that's over me.

Bottom line: As the owner and principal consultant of Personal Computer Support, our relationship with our customers is based on our relationship with Christ. If we fail in this from time to time, it is human. But our goal is to treat you as we would like to treated ourselves.

Jeff Kendrick

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