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Personal Computer Support Rates

  • Consulting and repair labor: $96 per hour.
  • Web design: $96 per hour.
  • Weekend rates: $96 per hour.
  • Remote access used to support customers or resolve problems: $96 per hour divided by the minute
  • Travel time: One way charge based on our hourly rate from the center of Conroe to your location. In situations where the work cannot be scheduled with other work in areas over 15 miles way from Conroe, there may be an additional charge for the return trip.
  • Guaranties: Unless specifically arranged for, all work performed at the hourly rate has no implicit or otherwise guaranty covering the result of the work performed. Since the work is on an hourly basis, if further work is necessary, the normal charges would apply to any additional work.
  • Estimates: All estimates are valid for the terms on the estimate. Estimates for equipment are firm and unless otherwise noted, estimates for labor are given on a good faith basis, but are not binding. Actual charges may differ.

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